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Standing Rules

Source Document | Adopted 8/4/2020


These are the Standing Rules ("Rules") of the Phoenix Arizona Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. ("PTG") ("our" or "Chapter").


These Rules shall be in compliance with the Chapter Bylaws and the PTG Bylaws and PTG Organizational Policies.


These Rules may be amended by a majority vote of the quorum at any Chapter Meeting.


At any time, without a vote of the quorum required, as long as the meaning of these Rules is not altered, this document may be corrected for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and formatting anomalies, and may be reformatted for presentation or readability purposes.

Modifications shall be documented for accountability and audit purposes.

Chapter Dues

Annual Chapter Dues are $40.00. ARTICLE VI(A) of the Chapter Bylaws states, "Chapter dues are determined annually at the September meeting and may be changed by a simple majority vote." The Chapter President shall report the Dues Amount to the PTG Home Office at that time.


Location, Date and Time

Chapter Meetings normally are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at a location designated by either the Technical Instructor or the Vice President. Occasionally, date and time exceptions may be made in order to accommodate an Instructor's schedule.

July and August Optional Meetings

The July and August Meetings normally are optional (usually due to the Annual PTG Convention & Technical Institute). At the June Chapter Meeting, Members may vote whether to meet during either of these months.

December Holiday Dinner

The December Meeting is traditionally a Holiday Dinner.

Effective June 2020 — May 2021

The Chapter will not pay for the December 2020 Holiday Dinner. The dinner may be replaced by either a pay-your-own-way meal at a restaurant or a potluck at a location to be determined by the Chapter Members.

This is a one (1) year trial. The Chapter shall vote at the June 2021 Meeting whether to keep this rule.


Currently in the possession of the Chapter Secretary

The Chapter owns the following equipment and any Technical Instructor may request them for their presentation:

Snacks and Refreshments

When a Meeting is held at a physical location, the Vice President usually brings snacks and refreshments, but they may ask for volunteers to do so. Whoever does so should submit a Request for Reimbursement to the Chapter Treasurer.


ARTICLE V(C) of our Chapter Bylaws states, "Non-PTG visitors are welcome to three (3) meetings, but then must apply for membership to continue attending meetings." Non-PTG visitors should be given a warm welcome at our Meetings.

Pay for Technical Instructors

Effective June 2020 — May 2021

The Technical Instructors for our Chapter Meetings will be paid $125.00 max per Meeting for their substantive Technical Presentations. This includes Guest Instructors. The Instructors may submit their Invoices to the Chapter Treasurer to request payment for their services.

This is a one (1) year trial to try to inspire more Members to teach at our Chapter Meetings. The Chapter shall vote at the June 2021 Meeting whether to keep this rule.


The Collection

The Chapter has a Library Collection with several Books, DVD's and VHS Tapes, most of which have been graciously donated to the Chapter. New Donations are gladly accepted.


With the approval of the Chapter, a Volunteer Chapter Member in good standing may administer the duties of Librarian. They will be responsible for managing, tracking, and safely storing all the Library materials and coordinating check-outs and returns. They will also maintain an online list of all of the Library materials so Chapter Members can readily view what is available.

Check Outs and Returns

Any Chapter Member in good standing may check out an item for 30 days after which they promptly need to return the item to the Librarian, unless the Librarian approves an extension.

Websites and Forums ("Sites")


The Chapter Secretary usually administers the Chapter Website and our Online Groups or Forums. But, with the approval of the Chapter, any qualified Chapter Member in good standing may help maintain or manage any of our Sites.

The Chapter has a Website at that is primarily used to front our Monthly Newsletter. But also, there are pages where users may contact us or learn more about PTG and our Chapter. Requests for content and other suggestions for the Website may be submitted to the Site Administrator.

Phoenix_PTG Google Group

The Chapter administers the private Phoenix_PTG Google Group. This is an excellent place for Members to positively interact with each other, ask questions, ask for help, or share valuable information related to our Chapter or Industry. Traditionally, Tucson, AZ Chapter Members and Contributing Guests are also welcome to be part of this Group. Phoenix and Tucson Chapter Members may contact the Site Administrator to request an Invite.

Online Communication Rules

Effective July 2020

User Compliance

All Users must abide by our Online Communication Rules ("OCR's") in order to maintain their access privileges on the Online Communication Sites ("Sites") administered by our Chapter.


To help maintain a friendly, positive, and welcoming discussion environment on our Online Communication Sites.

These Sites publicly represent our Chapter, or our "Brand", and must be protected from abuse.


Suspect Violations of the OCR's may be Reported Online or may be reported directly to the Site Administrator, Chapter President, or Chapter Vice President.

Violation Committee

When a Violation of the OCR's is reported to the Chapter, the Chapter President shall appoint a Special Committee of three (3) Non-Officer Chapter Members in good standing who shall investigate and resolve the Complaint.

Investigation Policies and Procedures

The First Committee to convene for an Investigation shall establish a set of Policies and Procedures for the Investigation and subsequent Investigations. These Policies and Procedures will become one of the Chapter's Governing Documents. In general, these Policies and Procedures should follow these basic guidelines:

  1. All Reported Message(s) must be reviewed in full context. If deemed necessary, the Committee may instruct the Site Administrator to immediately take down the Message(s).
  2. The Accused must be treated with fairness and respect, and their Grievances, if any, must be addressed by the Committee.
  3. The Accuser(s) must be able to remain anonymous if they wish.
  4. The Policies and Procedures shall outline, in detail, Standard Consequences for anyone who violates the OCR's, and the Consequences should be based on the number of previous reprimands and/or the severity of a Violation.
  5. The Committee shall issue a Written Warning to anyone found guilty of violating the OCR's. A Written Warning must include the following information:
    1. The details of the message(s) that violated the Rules.
    2. The OCR's that were violated.
    3. The Consequences of the Violation(s).
    4. Instructions on how to access the Policies and Procedures that the Committee followed to reach their Final Judgement.
    5. Instructions on how to file an Appeal.
  6. Upon completion of an Investigation, if deemed necessary, the Committee shall instruct the Site Administrator whether to Suspend or Ban an Offender for the determined amount of time.